Attention! will be discontinued on June 29th

First of all I'd like to thank all users had over the past years - unfortunately the idea didn't work out quite the way I hoped it would. It's never easy, but at some point in time you always have to face such decisions. I decided to stop the project. There are many other chat services out there, so everybody should be able to find adequate replacement for Thank you!

ABOUT is an easy to use service that solves a simple but awkward problem. It enables you to chat instantly with everyone from within your favorite web browser, without any account or software to install.

The problem

Imagine you are corresponding with somebody on the phone, a potential new business partner for example, and no electronic contact information was exchanged yet. During the call you want to exchange some textual information which is too complex or simply too much to spell. Sounds familiar?

You could use tools like Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ, IRC. But with the overhead of installing the required software and account creation sometimes you just can't get everybody on the same page.

What if?

But what if you could just chat with your partner without any software installation or account creation...
Wouldn't that be nice?

The solution offer an easy and elegant solution to this problem. Just chat with your chat partners from within your favorite web browser, without any account or software to install. To simplify things even more there are two easy ways to start a chat:

START Start a chat with the provided code
JOIN Join a chat by entering an existing code you received

This allows you to chat by simply exchanging a small 4-digit numeric code.

Help us spread the word and let others enjoy this service too. Team