Attention! will be discontinued on June 29th

First of all I'd like to thank all users had over the past years - unfortunately the idea didn't work out quite the way I hoped it would. It's never easy, but at some point in time you always have to face such decisions. I decided to stop the project. There are many other chat services out there, so everybody should be able to find adequate replacement for Thank you!


1. What is

Basically is a chat service. A simple and easy one.

The basic idea is to be able to chat with defined group of people instantly without having to sign up somewhere or install anything. This is achieved by using a simple code system. Every visitor of the page gets assigned a short numerical code. A chat is started by simply passing this code to your contacts.

This is unlike other solutions. Classical IRC chats are comparatively complicated and its main use is to have chat channels per topic. Instant Messaging (in short terms "IM") on the other hand requires all participants to be registered on the same IM network, and sometimes group chats aren't event possible. And most of the other web-based chats are public, no private groups possible. This is what we mean by "instantly chatting with a defined group of people".

3. There are things like Skype, ICQ, GTalk, MSN, IRC - why another chat system?

As mentioned in the question above it's not always easy to bring all participants of a potential chat on the same page. helps by providing a chat solutions that's simple and instant. No sign up or download and installation of any software is required. Also it's very simple to use - you only need a web browser and the code of the chat to attend.

Other solutions on the other hand might be too complicated for some (like IRC). Some might be unsuitable because not everybody has or wants a Google/ICQ/MSN/Skype account. Some require software to be installed, which might not always be possible on the used PC. In these situations shows its strength.

5. Is it completely free?

Yes. is completely free and there are no plans to start charging for the service.

6. How secure is

From a privacy point of view is a reasonable anonymous and secure service. For instance, all text that is generated during a chat session is removed once the session ends. Actually we only keep it on our servers during the chat to be able to provide the chat log e-mail service. Nothing is logged permanently. We don't run any analytics, or logging, or archiving of any chat content.

From that point of view is pretty secure. But you have to be aware of basic Web characteristics: We don't use SSL, so there is no point-to-point encryption. We use Google Analytics for visitor counting and Google AdSense for advertisement. We have a basic HTTP access log (which IP address accessed the site at which time).

8. Does save any of my chats?

As described in a more technical manner within the answer to "How secure is": No. We don't keep any logs of any chats. Chats are deleted once the chat session ends.

10. Your questions

If you are missing a questions which you think should be answered here, don't hesitate to contact us at

2. What's the use case for

One of the use cases is already lined out in the comic strip on our home page. But more generally: Sometimes a chat just comes in handy. Be it the quick forwarding of unspeakable information (complicated names, passwords, crypto keys) between two persons or a spontaneous discussion between a group of people.

There are of course other means of communication available. But - be it telephone, instant messaging or email - not every form of communication is suitable for everything. And if you decide to start a chat with a group of people it's not always easy to get everybody on the same page. IRC may be too complicated for some attendees, some maybe don't want a Google Account for GTalk, some don't have Skype installed and the 3G connection is too crappy to download it. There are tons of situations where an easy and instant chat, that doesn't require any sign up or installation, comes in handy.

4. How does it work?

Every visitor of gets shown a short numerical code and an input field to enter a code. If a user wants to start a chat he or she just has to pass this code to the desired chat partner who has to enter the code in the input field. Once the chat partner entered the code the chat will start immediately and the interface will automatically switch to the chat view (the user who passes the code doesn't have to do anything, once the chat starts the interface will switch automatically).

It's also possible to start the chat without having to wait for anybody to enter the code. Users can also enter their own code into the input field and the chat will start with only one user.

It's not only possible to pass the code, but also the URL shown while chatting can be passed around. Anybody opening this link will directly join this chat without having to enter the code. This only works if the code actually exists.

Codes are only valid as long as at least one user remains in the chat. Therefore if a user visits, gets a code, but closes the browser, the code will be invalid.

7. Is anybody able to see what I'm chatting?

Basically no. As described in the previous question we don't keep any logs. But: The only "authentication" someone needs to join your chat is the short numerical code. So therefore it's a possibility that someone just guesses a code and joins you. But that shouldn't really be a problem:
1.) The newly joined user doesn't see the chat history or any already attached files
2.) You will see that someone joined and can react accordingly.

9. How many people can participate in a chat?

Currently there is no limit. Time will tell what's practical and what's not.

Help us spread the word and let others enjoy this service too. Team